What we do.

What is English Country Dance?

If you have been to a Barn Dance, you will have experienced a similar style of dancing to ours, but many of our dances are slower and not so boisterous. As one of our regular dancers explained "We exercise without noticing it. We meet and dance with friends, accompanied by lovely music."

A caller leads the session. All dances are walked through and are then danced. The caller coninues to give instructions over the music so that everyone keeps together.

Beginners are most welcome, and dancing is easy to learn, so come with friends, or on your own, as people change partners for each dance. All you need are soft shoes and comfortable clothing.

Sociable folk dancing is recreational and entertaining and affords you the opportunity to make new friends. To try dancing will cost you nothing as the club gives free admission for the first session. The club charges £2.00 per night which includes tea and biscuits and Annual Membership is £3.00

The club also runs Contra Dances on the Second Sunday in the month which are listed on the web site.

Dance links

These videos show some dance figures and how to do them.

Fain music has examples of dance figures. Reg Battle gives the explanations.

The playlist is at


This is a video of a dance, Graies Inn Masque, done in America

the Tythe pig danced in Russia

and a new dance written by Phillipe Callens, Golden Green

Teaching dance in Vancouver

Seth Tepler calling a contra dance in the usa

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